Monday, July 17, 2006

(Standing) Ms. Yaho Yamamoto, Tomohiko Mashiba, Ayie Gozon, Yoshihiro Fukazawa, AKCDF Executive Director Paul Galang, Hidehiko Nakano, Yoko Kasa and Achie Gozon; (Seated) Dr. Mia Oliveros and Dr. L'mira Bergonia, Dr. Frederic Kobis, Dr. Jocelyn Park and Dr. Kuniyoshi Mori Posted by Picasa


A record-breaking 374 AKCDF children, parents and their families have come and taken part in the successfully held AKCDF Family Health Day last June 24, 2006, Saturday, from 8:00am-4:00 am at AKCDF Preschool Learning Center Grounds. This was thrice the number of participants to the free medical check-up also organized by AKCDF in cooperation with the ZENKO Medical mission team last year.

Alongside the overwhelming number of participants (the youngest of which is 6 months old and the oldest at 70 years old) is the heartwarming voluntary participation of a total of 12 doctors and medical health practitioners specializing in different fields- from pediatrics, family medicine, general health practice, occupational therapy to medical social work. This was the largest number of doctor/health practitioner participation so far in the many years that AKCDF has been conducting the medical check-up. Add to this the fact that, not only were the doctors specializing in different medical fields; they have come from different parts of the world as well- Japan, France, Korea and yes, for the first time also, the Philippines! Philippine doctors Dr. Ma. Niňa B. Oliveros from Philippine Veterans Hospital together with Dr. L’mira B. Bergonia and Korean-wed and President of Family of Good People Foundation Dr. Jocelyn C. Park ( also from RAPHA Medical Clinic) have nobly given their time and effort in examining AKCDF children’s parents, especially mothers.

Our sincerest grattitude to Dr. Frederic Kobis from Alliance Internationales, who, aside from encouraging friends Dr. Oliveros and Dr. Bergonia to join the medical mission, also brought with him 3 volunteers from the Community of Beatitudes Fidel Catantan, Jose Gacias and Rex Oliver Pagaling. The three volunteers were very efficient in the tasks assigned them such as ensuring proper traffic of participants and systematic registration of all people involved.

Moreover, kudos to Ms. Achie and Ayie Gozon, both occupational therapists, who are sisters not only in blood but in the struggle to provide the right to appropriate healthcare especially to underprivileged children.

And of course, our deepest thanks to our long-time sisters and brothers in the struggle for the advancement of children’s rights, the ZENKO Medical Mission team, composed of: Dr. Kuniyoshi Mori, pediatrician; Tomohiko Mashiba, medical social worker; Yoshihiro Fukazawa, occupational therapist; Hidehiko Nakano, physical therapist; Yaho Yamamoto, occupational therapist; and Yoko Kasa, nurse.

In the dinner exchange that occurred between the doctors, medical practitioners and AKCDF staff, the need to do continuous action was expressed by most. In the Philippines where healthcare remains to be one of the least prioritized social welfare services of the government ( only 1.3 percent of total National Budget of Philippine Government, compared to military spending which comprises 30 percent), the need for concerted efforts to extend health services to children who are most vulnerable to various kinds of sickness and diseases must be strengthened. Also, alongside regular medical check-ups, health education was identified as an important measure to prevent sickness/ further complications that affect children.

“ I have visited the Pihlippines for the first time 10 years ago (as a doctor for AKCDF’s Medical mission); our team’s purpose is to support AKCDF through health education and medical check-ups… I am happy because all these years, solidarity between AKCDF and the medical doctors, as well as Japanese and Filipino families have remained strong…” Dr. Kuniyoshi Mori expressed during the dinner exchange.

On the other hand, Dr. Oliveros from the Philippines also expressed “ It is inspiring to see people of other nationalities helping our fellow kababayans (countrymen)… thank you for helping the Filipino children…”. AKCDF feels the same way.

Indeed, AKCDF’s Family Health Day paved the way for the realization of international solidarity efforts of these noble doctors to share their expertise together in service of underprivileged Filipino children and their families.

Mabuhay ang mga duktor na manlilingkod ng sambayanan! (Long Live, Doctors of the People! ! ! )

AKCDF children and their families.. waiting for their turn to be checked by our noble doctors Posted by Picasa

Rex Pagaling, one of Community of Beatitudes volunteer who assisted during AKCDF Family Health Day Posted by Picasa

Drs. Mia and L'Mira, performing medical check-up to mothers of AKCDF children Posted by Picasa

Zenko Medical mission team nurse Ms. Yoko Kasa and physical therapist Hide examines and cleans AKCDF child's ear (with assisting AKCDF teacher Ms. Estelita) Posted by Picasa

Yaho and Dr. Fred, consulting each other's expertise during medical check-up Posted by Picasa

Ms. Achie, occupational therapist, exaines an AKCDF child Posted by Picasa

AKCDF mother and child, examined by Dr. Kobis Posted by Picasa

Hiro of ZENKO Medical mission team, weighing one of AKCDF children Posted by Picasa

Thursday, March 30, 2006

AKCDF mother explains their drawing with their children (we want to protect our children's right to education, health, shelter, love and peace...) Posted by Picasa

See how each child's face resembles their parent's : ) (AKCDF parent and child showing their puzzle of peace) Posted by Picasa

AKCDF children and families build their puzzle of peace ( AKCDF-KOZEN Solidarity Peace festival, 3/26) Posted by Picasa

AKCDF children in costumes of different nationalities, singing Mapayapang Daigdig (3/26) Posted by Picasa

" Every Child has his/her own dream that he/she hopes to achieve when he/she grows up; like education, healthcare and a happy and peaceful family..." (AKCDF- KOZEN Solidarity Peace festival, 3/26) Posted by Picasa

Final Concert, Kureo Higashi Osaka (3/21/2006) Posted by Picasa

Is this a famous boyband?? err..maybe : ). With Tomoya and Toshi, AYJ memebrs who successfully organized Osaka Youth concert with close to 300 audience! Kampai!!! Posted by Picasa

Long time no see!! With Kaori who joined AKCDF-AKAY Japan Philippine Studytour 3 years ago. Glad to see you again! Posted by Picasa

With AYJ members during Youth concert @ King Cobra livehouse, Umemura village Shinsaibashi (3/20/2006) Posted by Picasa

With K-ash! Hirakata concert organizer, head technician, soundman... name it he's done it! : ) (Domo!) Posted by Picasa

We.. Shall.. Overcome.. someday (Hirakata concert) Posted by Picasa

Kabudan performing in solidarity with AKCDF and AKAY Japan's worldwide call for peace Posted by Picasa

AKAY Japan member Mrs. Higashida with AKAY products Posted by Picasa

AKCDF-AKAY photo exhibit @ Hirakata Posted by Picasa

with Ate Heidi and Saiin church's Filipino community : ) (Ate Heidi's cute son is left most) Posted by Picasa

Kyoto Saiin Church Posted by Picasa